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MoneroV (XMV) Hard Fork Results

Yesterday, May 3rd, hard-fork of the Monero was made. The snapshot of the network was taken at the #1564965 block. Now we all are waiting for the Mainnet release, which we hope to be very soon.

After Mainnet is released, all Monero holders as of block #1564965 will also become MoneroV owners. To automatically obtain […]

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Just a few days left until MoneroV (XMV) hard fork

There are about 3-5 days remaining till MoneroV XMV hard fork. The estimated date of the fork is April 30th, but the chain-split would take place at block #1564965, which might occur a day or two later than expected. At the moment, the hard fork timer on the MoneroV website is counting a few more […]

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Security During Monero Forks (XMV/XMO)

MoneroV (XMV)

The first XMR fork MoneroV (XMV) will take place on the 30th of April, 2018 block #1564965. Due to security reasons, it is essential that you use the official MoneroV wallet to claim MoneroV coins. All the additional information like the wallet’s source code will be published and open sourced by the MoneroV team.
There […]

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