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MoneroV (XMV) Hard Fork Results

Yesterday, May 3rd, hard-fork of the Monero was made. The snapshot of the network was taken at the #1564965 block. Now we all are waiting for the Mainnet release, which we hope to be very soon.

After Mainnet is released, all Monero holders as of block #1564965 will also become MoneroV owners. To automatically obtain […]

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XMR / XMO fork first results, April 6th

The XMR fork took place at 07.24 am (UTC). The first XMO blocks were successfully found right after the fork as expected. Due to some technical issues, XMR blocks started to appear only an hour later. The network was divided between the two coins as follows: 30% of hash power went to XMR, 70% […]

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