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Flash sale on ASIC miners after Monero hard fork

On April,6, Monero held its hard fork where the team changed POW algorithm to prevent ASIC miners from mining XMR. The decision to perform a hard fork was made after a major ASIC manufacturer – Bitmain – announced the new Antminer X3, first Cryptonight ASIC miner.

However, there’s another lesser-known Hong Kong-based ASIC manufacturer – Baikal […]

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Monero declares war on ASICs

Bitmain’s announcement concerning a new high-speed hardware AntMiner X3 that has been built for mining the privacy-oriented Monero evoked a negative reaction from the Monero developers.
Instead of greeting a new potential partner, Monero postponed its software upgrade in order to change the rules of the system so as to “prevent DoS attacks by ASICs.” Besides, […]

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Bitmain CryptoNight ASIC miner announced!

Bitmain has announced today that new Antminer X3 ASIC miners for mining CryptoNight-based currencies are now available for orders.

The miner is reported to produce about 220 kH/s hash rate, consuming 550W of power. The first batch of the ASICs, worth 11,999 USD is planned to be shipped after May 15. To provide more people […]

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