XMR Exchange

XMR is the one and only ticket (shortening) for Monero cryptocurrency. This ticket identifies as Monero currency and is used to be exchanged as an entity for another entity (mostly bitcoin).

A represented table below is a list of the most actual websites (or even web-resources) that allow to exchange Monero for btc (a “ticket” for bitcoin).

Now there are some tips how to use exchange services:

  • First of all, you will have to create an exchange account to transfer your funds to any of Monero exchanges.
  • Every exchange that supports Monero will give you a payment id. Payment id is a unique identifier of each Monero exchange user. Due to the Monero‚Äôs transaction anonymity payment id is the only way to allow exchange (service) to distinguish your transaction from the other users’ transactions.
  • Please note that some old clients of Monero do not have payment_id field. Make sure you are running latest version of the software.
  • You should also understand that exchange pairings may be different on exchange resources.
  • Finally, there are many different websites on the Internet that may offer exchange services. Beware, some of them may be true but unknown (e.g. new or renewed) but others may be scam-services that both steal your money and put malware on your device through downloads or embedding plugins. Use only trusted services.

Now you are ready to look at the list of Monero exchanges in no particular order and view what Monero market pairings are supported by exchanges.

Already trading Monero

Name Comments
Poloniex Poloniex offers market pairings with Monero: XMR/LTC, XMR/XDN, XMR/BCN and other. Read more.
Bittrex XMR/BTC
Coin-Swap XMR/BTC
Melotic XMR/BTC
BTC38 Chineese interface
CryptLocal XMR/BTC
Shapeshift XMR/BTC, XMR/Dash, XMR/Ripple, XMR/Nxt, XMR/Dogecoin