In April, a Monero Community member and developer, “roosmaa” offered to add Monero to Trezor firmware, in order to create a hard wallet for secure XMR savings.

What I plan on doing

  1. Modify the Trezor firmware to support generating private keys for Monero & support signing transactions using spend key.
  2. Add Trezor support to simple_wallet command (or create new trezor_wallet utility)

How will the funds be used

The raised money will go towards buying a Trezor I could use for development purposes and compensating for some of the time I put into this.

If we don’t manage to raise enough to even buy a Trezor for me, I will not be undertaking this project. All moneros received will be sent to in this case.

I will not be touching the money raised before I have managed to add Monero support to Trezor. Should I fail to deliver, the funds will be sent

The funding goal (500 XMR) was reached in two days and the development started.

So far, the prototyping stage has been passed and the actual code may be found on Github. Also, the project has been renamed to “Monezor”, due to the fact that the most of Bitcoin functionality has been replaced with the original features for Monero, which makes it a genuine Monero specified firmware. Currently, actual Monezor features (wallet generation, PIN protection, key image generation, etc.) ¬†are getting implemented.

All the latest news on the project may be found in this thread.

To fund the project, visit