About MoneroX

MoneroX is a rebranded version of the Monero GUI, created by the community member Jojatekok.
Despite being a very young member of the Monero community, Jojatek is the one who has been working on MoneroX wallet for the last 10 months.
MoneroX inherits all key features of the Monero GUI so far without any changes, though new logo and other UI features have been added lately, so as to create a user-friendly branded product.
MoneroX is now available on Linux, Mac and Windows. Also, mobile platforms are pre-designed and will be developed (Android, iOS).


According to this Monero missive, Jojatek has separated the API part from the GUI part recently, so now API can be supported by any device that maintains ETO libraries.

Jojatek found out a way of preserving the code in C# and .NET. That seems to be helpful for the further development since Microsoft has announced those libraries to be available on other platforms soon, yet we are anticipating.
MoneroX’s compatibility with FreeBSD, which was considered by Monero devs in the first place as well, wasn’t tested yet, but scheduled.


To create wallets for mobile platforms, Jojatek will use Mymonero core.
He is also going to work on the backup manager for MoneroX (by using ETO forms).
Another great idea is to integrate xmr.to and maybe some auto-trade system into the wallet.
The big plan for the next year is to make a payment system out of MoneroX, eventually giving the opportunity to buy goods on the Internet with XMR. However, there is going to be a lot of work concerning usability issues, as long as the product yet not usable for merchants.
Another huge issue that needs to be solved in the future is an actual disconnect between Monero core wallet and MoneroX.

What’s more?

MoneroX is opensource and available on GitHub since the beginning.
No one of the community members has contributed to the code, but there were lots of donations, suggestions, comments on bugs etc.
Jojatek is available on Bitcointalk.org for any further questions and suggestions (watch links below).