Yesterday, May 3rd, hard-fork of the Monero was made. The snapshot of the network was taken at the #1564965 block. Now we all are waiting for the Mainnet release, which we hope to be very soon.

After Mainnet is released, all Monero holders as of block #1564965 will also become MoneroV owners. To automatically obtain new coins via AirDrop, holders should store their Monero (XMR) to their local wallets, or to any service, which declared support of the new after-fork currency – MonerV (XMV). As far as this condition respected, the holder will receive the amount of MoneroV (XMV) x10 of his Monero (XMR) coins in a few days after fork finalized.

There are already several exchanges that confirmed their support for MoneroV: official statements were made by HitBTC, Coinex, Coinroom, BTC-alpha, Crex24, and Ovis.

How to mine MoneroV (XMV)?

Dedicated miner will be provided after the fork is completed and Mainnet release. Nonetheless, you will be able to use your Monero miner for MoneroV too. Several mining pools offer the new coin for mining, among these MinerGate, MoriaXMR, LeafPool and others.

One of the main features of MoneroV is the limited supply of coins. Monero coins are unlimited. Moreover, there was a significant job done to make MoneroV more secure and protected from unethical mining through PoW changes, e.g., secured from botnets.

For further information about MoneroV (XMV) and other fork details, follow MoneroV Telegram chat and Twitter or check our MoneroV (XMV) vs Monero (XMR) comparison.