Major Updates

  1. We’re aware of the slow startup issues on some Windows environments (over an hour for the daemon to startup for some people). We believe we’ve identified the problem, and will be rolling out a test fix in the next couple of days, for inclusion in
  2. There have been a number of patches merged over the past week to fix issues with simplewallet’s new multi-language mnemonics.

External Projects

  1. MyMonero: due to a very broad DDoS attack at the data center in which MyMonero is hosted (not targeted at MyMonero) the service was offline on Sunday for a 12 hour stretch. We are putting some effort in place to ensure this does not happen again in future. New features added this past week: a “copy to clipboard” helper is now available on the right of your Monero address on your dashboard, as well as on the login key review screen and account details screen. In addition, clicking on a transaction in the dashboard or your transaction history screens will show additional details, such as the payment ID used.
  2. ForkGuard: added and
  3. I2PD: massive progress was made this week adding support for the su3 router update format (the previous .sud / .su2 format being deprecated), which is used to deliver updates to all routers on the i2p network, including: router update alerts, plugin update alerts, reseed data, and news feed items. Details on the su3 format can be found here.

Dev Diary

  1. Account: still more fixes to the restore paths and multi-lang mnemonics, known issues with UTF-8 on Windows remain.
  2. Core: libunbound lookups moved to a thread in order to trap for failing / slow DNS lookups.

Until next week!