Wonderful news!

Great Monero meetup will take place on 21st of May, located in Mozilla offices.

Mozilla and Monero share several goals; Mozilla is going to take back the web, while Monero is about to conquer the world of finance.

The aim of the meeting is to discuss privacy in technology on the whole and cryptocurrencies in particular. The meetup won’t be completely devoted to Monero, however since Monero appears to be the present cryptocurrency leader in privacy, it’s going to be substantial part of the meeting.

The conference will be held in English in round-table meeting format.

As likely as not, web-related projected technologies like MoneroDNS and a future “Monero plugin in Firefox” will be discussed.

For more information visit https://forum.getmonero.org/14/events/277/monero-meetup-paris-france-may-21th-2015