MoneroV fork was announced back in January and guaranteed Monero holders 10 times the amount of XMR in MoneroV as well as additional scalability features and lower fees. According to the official statement: “Due to the growing demand and increasing expectations from users, trading platforms, and large mining pools, we have decided that the Snapshot date will be postponed to ~30th of April block 1564965 to facilitate third-party services requests and including these below reasons…”

These reasons include:

  • – Mining pools, exchanges and custodian services need additional time to implement the MoneroV technology.
  • – Time is needed to avoid complaints from both Monero and Monero V communities about dates of hard-fork and Monero’s own software update.
  • – Due to the difficulties with Monero GUI wallet, users will have more time to prepare for the upcoming hard fork to successfully receive their XMV’s.

You can find the full announcement here and here is the current roadmap of MoneroV.