Recent Monero fork resulted in four different coins that use the original blockchain and remain to be ASIC-friendly. Since we have already mentioned the other ones (XMO, XMVZMR) that formed after the recent Monero fork, we should say a few words about the Monero Classic and Monero-Classic, both use the XMC ticker, though they’re created and supported by separate unknown parties.

Monero Classic (XMC)

Created by some Monero enthusiasts from Singapore, this project also strives to keep Monero an ASIC-friendly coin. Their representative Bento Tan explained to Bitcoin Magazine why they decided to remain on the original chain:

“The ability to have choices promotes competition and that drives growth. We have to look at things at that level. Unilateral control is a suffocating death because you take away the need to improve and innovate.”

A statement on the Monero Classic website says:

“The main message of Monero Classic is that we believe that the developers changing the proof of work creates more centralization and harms decentralization.” And: “The M[o]nero developers are saying that they can and will change the consensus rules whenever it suits them and the community seems to be conditioned into following the wishes of the developers.”

Monero-Classic (XMC)

On the official website they say:

“The emergence of specialized mining machine for a cryptocurrency is normal market economy phenomenon.[…] If there are professional mining machines, the events like ‘Monero was attacked by more than 500,000 botnets’ could be avoided,” referring to botnets that have been used to mine Monero.”

In addition, they have the support from AntPool, which is associated with Bitmain, an ASIC-manufacturer based in China. Here is their statement on Twitter:

In short, both XMC projects:

– Support original Monero blockchain and therefore ASIC-friendly
– Believe in fair competition between mining hardware manufacturers

As more information about these projects arise we’ll update the related article.