Loki token is an open-source project built on Monero codebase. It adopts a number of Monero’s key privacy features including ring signatures, ring confidential transactions, and stealth addresses. Loki team aims to create a completely decentralized private transaction network with rewards to those who run full nodes and process data for users.

Loki plans to provide a platform for building Service Node Applications (or SNApps) which will serve as a tool to build privacy-focused services. First SNApp is going to be Loki Messenger, an end-to-end encrypted private messenger based on modified Signal protocol.

Service nodes use an architecture similar to other private internet protocols like Tor and are supposed to be completely safe and sheltered from external attacks.

Basic token statistics

Loki’s token, LOK, should serve as an exchange on the network and be used to power SNApps, probably the same way as GAS does in Ethereum network.

Loki supply 150,000,000
Loki difficulty target (blocktime) 120 seconds
Emission speed factor 21 (10⁻²¹) plus 0.5% annual compound growth
Hashing algorithm CryptoNight

Project roadmap

The development roadmap dates are still being finalized however a rough guideline is presented below.

  1. 2018 March – Mainnet launch
  2. 2018 Septemeber/October – Service Nodes up
  3. 2018 Late December – Loki messenger open beta
  4. 2019 January/Feb – Loki messenger released
  5. 2019 March – SNApp Open source SDK


Loki contact information

Project website: https://loki.network

If you wish to participate in the private sale or interested in the upcoming Airdrop join their Telegram channel: https://t.me/LokiCommunity.