There are about 3-5 days remaining till MoneroV XMV hard fork. The estimated date of the fork is April 30th, but the chain-split would take place at block #1564965, which might occur a day or two later than expected. At the moment, the hard fork timer on the MoneroV website is counting a few more than 5 days, but it could be changed at any given time.

Many services and exchanges already announced support of the MoneroV fork: HitBTC, CoinEx, BTC Alpha and others. It means that MoneroV is fully accepted by the biggest exchanges.

The Monero blockchain will continue to add new blocks to its blockchain; however, from block #1564965, MoneroV will begin creating a new branch of blockchain that diverges from Monero. MoneroV and Monero will share the same history of transactions and balances up until that point. Monero (XMR) holders prior to block #1564965 will automatically receive the equivalent of ten times the amount of their Monero holdings in MoneroV (XMV).