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What are the minimum requirements for a computer to run the Monero [XMR] wallet?

A 64-bit OS is highly recommended. At the time of writing (July 2014), 4 GB of RAM should be sufficient, and 45 GB of disk space is required to store the blockchain (growing at ~260 MB per day).

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How do I use Monero [XMR] with 32-bit Windows?

The official 32-bit binaries have been reported to work only with PAE enabled. More info here.
If you prefer to just move to a 64-bits Windows, here’s a tutorial.

Assume your 32-bit wallet file name is “wallet.bin” (adjust this instruction for other name accordingly)
Backup your wallet.bin.* files.
Delete ALL Monero files from your computer.
Download 64-bit Monero zip & […]

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Why is Monero not user-friendly like most other cryptocurrencies? Why is there no official XMR GUI wallet?

Actually, as the time have passed, the Monero team developed the official GUI wallet:

It looks very nice in comparison to the majority of other cryptocurrencies official wallets.

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Where is the Monero [XMR] GUI wallet?

Official GUI Wallet is available here.

Information about several available GUI wallets can be found on the GUI wallet bounty thread here. Several unofficial GUI wallets are available:

Qt GUI (Cross-platform) by Neozaru
Windows GUI by Jojatekok
lightWallet by jwinterm (avoids running the daemon on your machine, still not as light as SPV, see question above)

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Do I have to run a full node to keep a personal/offline wallet?

No. You can use any available light wallets out there:

Freewallet (Android)
Freewallet (iOS)

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