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Can I have multiple Monero addresses in my local node?

Short version – yes. Long version – Each wallet currently holds a single address. To have multiple addresses, you’ll be creating and executing multiple wallets (one per address).

Note: Multiple wallets cannot be running concurrently on a given system. Non-experienced users are strongly advised to not attempt running multiple wallets.

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How do I use the view key?

Keep in mind this is a file, so anyone with the file could view your balance – and a file can be stolen too.

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How do I generate a new Monero wallet address for a transaction, like in Bitcoin?

This is not necessary with Monero, you only ever need one receiving address. A new receiving address is created automatically for every transaction, inside the program.

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How long does it take to send a transaction?

Block time is one minute. On average it will only take a one minute a transaction to first appear in the block chain; however, exchanges usually will require at least 18 confirmations (blocks) before adding funds to your account, and the standard wallet requires tbd confirmations before considering received coins to be available for use.

A […]

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I’ve heard that mixins can be unmasked if outputs are spent with mixin=0. Is this true?

Zero mixins were disallowed years ago with some very limited exceptions (for spending old coins). Initially the minimum ring size was 3 but is now 5. You can see from the stats that they essentially never happen any more:


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Why are some of my coins locked? Why does it takes so long to unlock them?

There are no “coins” in your wallet, there are “outputs” corresponding to transactions you have sent or received. These outputs can only be spent in their entirety. So if you have an output of 10 that you received and you use it to send 1, then a transaction of 9 is sent back to you […]

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How do I check my simplewallet log file?

List of txid: In simplewallet, type incoming_transfers then enter, copy the output in a text file and use the search function of your editor.
List of transaction for a specific payment ID: in simplewallet, type payments then enter.

NB.The binary used to be named simplewallet and it got changed to monero-wallet-cli at one point. It’s the same […]

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What is openalias? How does it work?

Openalias is Monero’s aliasing system. It is meant to make it simpler to send monero to an address, by applying a label (itself using DNS) to an address. Using DNS prevents landgrabing (of course, landgrabing DNS itself is still an issue). openalias is compatible with simplewallet or above and but not with any […]

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Could you give a list of Monero community members?

Smooth: Coding&Applied Cryptography
Fluffy Pony: High-level Software Architecture & Project Management
Tacotime: Coding
NoodleDoodle: Economic Development
David Latapie: Public relations
Othe: Coding
Triplef: Coding
Gazby: Coding & Building

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