The official 32-bit binaries have been reported to work only with PAE enabled. More info here.
If you prefer to just move to a 64-bits Windows, here’s a tutorial.

  1. Assume your 32-bit wallet file name is “wallet.bin” (adjust this instruction for other name accordingly)
  2. Backup your wallet.bin.* files.
  3. Delete ALL Monero files from your computer.
  4. Download 64-bit Monero zip & blockchain.bin from 1st sticky page of this thread.
  5. Unzip & place all the files downloaded above to the directory: “C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\bitmonero\”.
  6. From the backup made at step 1, place wallet.bin.* files !!! EXCEPT wallet.bin itself !!! into directory at step 4.
  7. Start bitmonerod.exe and wait for it to sync with the net.
  8. Start simplewallet by the commad prompt: “simplewallet –wallet-file wallet.bin” (!!! name of the file that must NOT exist in directory at step 4 !!!).
  9. When you want to stop any monero executables – ALWAYS type “exit” & be patient. Simplewallet re-creates correct version of wallet.bin for you.