2017 and 2018 have been rich in crypto events as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become widely accepted by the publicity, and Monero was not an exception.

Now, people all over the world are able to buy music, memorabilia, and other kinds of merchandise from top big-name artists who started accepting the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Monero.

The marketplace is called “Project Coral Reef” and is mainly supported by two Monero developers Riccardo ‘fluffypony’ Spagni and Naveen Jain. The success of the initiative was possible only due to the partnership between the payment processor GloBee, Manhead Merchandise, and Global Merchandising Services. As a result of the cooperation, the stores offer an additional 15% discount for crypto-enthusiasts who are willing to pay with Monero.

“Cryptocurrencies are fast becoming more popular to make purchases, but not all currencies are created equal and not all are as private and secure as people think. Project Coral Reef is a very important step towards the mainstream adoption of Monero,” Spagni claimed in a statement.

Among the celebs are Mariah Carey, Slayer, Lana Del Rey, Marilyn Manson, Motley Crue, Sia and many others. You can find the full list here.

A famous rapper and record producer from Oakland, G-Eazy delivered his personal opinion in a statement:

“As cryptocurrencies become more popular, it’s important that my fans have choices when it comes to how they buy my songs and merchandise. Given Monero is one of the safest, most secure and most private cryptocurrencies, it’s one of the best options for my fans this holiday season — and just in time for my new album.”

The news of the Monero’s use in the music industry resulted in a sharp rise in coin’s value. And we wish Monero to keep rising up the crypto ladder to even better results and further acceptance.