Monezor: The Hardware Monero Wallet

In April, a Monero Community member and developer, “roosmaa” offered to add Monero to Trezor firmware, in order to create a hard wallet for secure XMR savings.
What I plan on doing

Modify the Trezor firmware to support generating private keys for Monero & support signing transactions using spend key.
Add Trezor support to simple_wallet command (or create […]

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Add Monero to your website!

Another great step has been taken recently in the Monero world. “TheKoziTwo”, a well-known developer and participant of the Monero community has completed a special script, ultimately giving the opportunity to integrate a proper PHP code to any website, in order to accept Monero.

After the installation a site owner gets the next functions:


Generation of payment […]

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Monero on ShapeShift!

One of the best exchanges, Shapeshift.io has recently added Monero currency, eventually providing an ability to exchange Monero for almost every top cryptocurrency of today’s, such as Bitcoin, Nxt, Ripple, Dash etc. It’s rather hard to overestimate such event for Monero’s further expansion, as it has been assured by key Monero community members. Indeed, Shapeshift […]

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Monero GUI client

Monero Clinet.Net has been recently renamed to MoneroX (you may check the interview with the developer here) and appears to be a decently workable GUI. Now it runs natively not only on Windows, but also on GNU/Linux and MacOS. You can easily download MoneroX from Github. If you need “how-tos” to run Monero on Linux,  watch instructions here.

You […]

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