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Verge vs Monero: Anonymous Cryptocurrency Battle

The recent news about the partnership between Verge (XVG) coin and made me think about the competition among privacy-based cryptocurrencies and outlooks for anonymous online payments market.

#VergeDay is upon us! Your favorite adult brands are now accepting @vergecurrency to pay for memberships +more and to celebrate we’re giving away over 300K $XVG! RT and […]

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Flash sale on ASIC miners after Monero hard fork

On April,6, Monero held its hard fork where the team changed POW algorithm to prevent ASIC miners from mining XMR. The decision to perform a hard fork was made after a major ASIC manufacturer – Bitmain – announced the new Antminer X3, first Cryptonight ASIC miner.

However, there’s another lesser-known Hong Kong-based ASIC manufacturer – Baikal […]

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Monero Hard Fork Survivors: Monero Classic (XMC)

Recent Monero fork resulted in four different coins that use the original blockchain and remain to be ASIC-friendly. Since we have already mentioned the other ones (XMO, XMV, ZMR) that formed after the recent Monero fork, we should say a few words about the Monero Classic and Monero-Classic, both use the XMC ticker, though they’re created […]

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XMR / XMO fork first results, April 6th

The XMR fork took place at 07.24 am (UTC). The first XMO blocks were successfully found right after the fork as expected. Due to some technical issues, XMR blocks started to appear only an hour later. The network was divided between the two coins as follows: 30% of hash power went to XMR, 70% […]

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45 top famous musicians to accept Monero as payment

2017 and 2018 have been rich in crypto events as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become widely accepted by the publicity, and Monero was not an exception.

Now, people all over the world are able to buy music, memorabilia, and other kinds of merchandise from top big-name artists who started accepting the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Monero.

The marketplace […]

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Monero [XMR] responds to the broken privacy allegations

It’s not a secret that FUD is spreading faster than anything in the mass media.

In 2017, a team of professors and students at Princeton University, namely Andrew Miller, Malte Moser, Kevin Lee and Arvind Narayanan conducted a research “An Empirical Analysis of Linkability in the Monero Blockchain”, where they point out that Monero cryptocurrency is […]

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Security During Monero Forks (XMV/XMO)

MoneroV (XMV)

The first XMR fork MoneroV (XMV) will take place on the 30th of April, 2018 block #1564965. Due to security reasons, it is essential that you use the official MoneroV wallet to claim MoneroV coins. All the additional information like the wallet’s source code will be published and open sourced by the MoneroV team.
There […]

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Monero Original Announcement

The anonymous team of crypto enthusiasts announced that the original Monero chain will be kept and running after the Monero hard fork scheduled for the 6th of April 2018 at block #1546000.

Every user holding Monero on their XMR wallet that supports Monero original will receive the equal number of XMO coins.

While the new cryptocurrencies created […]

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Top 7 Monero mining pools as for April 2018

Monero is steadily becoming more popular than Bitcoin. According to the recent research conducted by forensic firm Chainalysis, the amount of XMR used on the Darkweb is bigger than the number of Bitcoins. The increase of the interest resulted in many different XMR mining pools charging into the scene.

Here’s our top list of mining […]

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Monero declares war on ASICs

Bitmain’s announcement concerning a new high-speed hardware AntMiner X3 that has been built for mining the privacy-oriented Monero evoked a negative reaction from the Monero developers.
Instead of greeting a new potential partner, Monero postponed its software upgrade in order to change the rules of the system so as to “prevent DoS attacks by ASICs.” Besides, […]

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