Bitmain has announced today that new Antminer X3 ASIC miners for mining CryptoNight-based currencies are now available for orders.

The miner is reported to produce about 220 kH/s hash rate, consuming 550W of power. The first batch of the ASICs, worth 11,999 USD is planned to be shipped after May 15. To provide more people around the world with the opportunity to purchase an ASIC, Bitmain is setting a limit of one piece per client.

One of the goals of CryptoNight creators was to provide “egalitarian” approach towards mining, making CPU and GPU mining roughly equally efficient and prevent the use of ASICs, as a megabyte of internal memory required was almost unreachable for that-time ASIC hardware.

While some are obviously happy for the chance to increase their hash rate even at the current price, this news has caused concerns in CryptoNight community and some adopters are anticipating that it will prompt the forks for some of the coins from CN family.