On April,6, Monero held its hard fork where the team changed POW algorithm to prevent ASIC miners from mining XMR. The decision to perform a hard fork was made after a major ASIC manufacturer – Bitmain – announced the new Antminer X3, first Cryptonight ASIC miner.

However, there’s another lesser-known Hong Kong-based ASIC manufacturer – Baikal Miners – that also declared the development of an ASIC miner capable of mining Cryptonight coins. As we all know, ASIC miners have one huge disadvantage: the inability of being reprogrammed, that means that any changes in POW algorithm of the coin would make ASICs absolutely useless.

That is the reason Baikal offering a five for one deal on its “Giant N” Cryptonight ASIC miner.

For those who’ve already bought any of these ASICs, there are some good news. Not only do these devices are capable of mining other Cryptonight coins like Bytecoin, Electroneum and some other cryptocurrencies, but also at least five projects called for continuing staying on the original Monero blockchain, including Monero Original and Monero Classic.