Another great step has been taken recently in the Monero world. “TheKoziTwo”, a well-known developer and participant of the Monero community has completed a special script, ultimately giving the opportunity to integrate a proper PHP code to any website, in order to accept Monero.

After the installation a site owner gets the next functions:


  • Login/Registration
  • Generation of payment id
  • Deposit of funds (automatically added to account after X confirmations)
  • Withdraw of funds (added to processing queue and processed automatically)
  • Admin Panel displaying current balances and other useful info (e.g status of daemon and wallet)
  • With some minor changes, you can add multiple cryptonote types of currencies/assets
  • The script comes with cron.php, which is the processing script. It can be setup to run forever in the background, or even as a cron job. Read the comment in cron.php for more info.

For install instructions simply open install.php


According to TheKoziTwo, there’s no guide for how to setup daemon and simplewallet in “server mode”, but he’s working on it as well.

For now you are able to watch quick steps as well as learn more about the above-stated code:

You can also download it directly from Github:

monero code to website