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Recent Monero XMR News & Announcements

The Latest Tecnhical Analysis on Monero

The latest Technical Analysis has been released recently by TRADERMAN
The 0.0023 level is quite the resistance zone, isn’t it? In my last article on Monero, I pointed to the 0.0023 price pivot and why it could act as resistance, “This area should be watched very carefully, as markets have a tendency to reverse at established […]

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Monezor: The Hardware Monero Wallet

In April, a Monero Community member and developer, “roosmaa” offered to add Monero to Trezor firmware, in order to create a hard wallet for secure XMR savings.
What I plan on doing

Modify the Trezor firmware to support generating private keys for Monero & support signing transactions using spend key.
Add Trezor support to simple_wallet command (or create […]

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Three pillars of Monero

For the ones, who need foundational guides towards development activities of Monero, there are actually three pillars, offered by one of the core team members some time ago: privacy, decentralization, scalability.

Monero is true electronic cash. With Monero, you can know that a transaction occured, but not whence, how much and whither, whilst it is getting […]

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