The Latest Tecnhical Analysis on Monero

The latest Technical Analysis has been released recently by TRADERMAN
The 0.0023 level is quite the resistance zone, isn’t it? In my last article on Monero, I pointed to the 0.0023 price pivot and why it could act as resistance, “This area should be watched very carefully, as markets have a tendency to reverse at established […]

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Three pillars of Monero

For the ones, who need foundational guides towards development activities of Monero, there are actually three pillars, offered by one of the core team members some time ago: privacy, decentralization, scalability.

Monero is true electronic cash. With Monero, you can know that a transaction occured, but not whence, how much and whither, whilst it is getting […]

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A formal approach towards better hard fork management

One of the core team members, Riccardo Spagni (aka fluffypony) has recently proposed a different approach to hard fork management, provoking a vivid discussion on the Monero Forum.
Seeing as how there are going to be things that will have to be introduced via a hard fork in future it stands to reason that we have […]

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Cryptoname has been announced

Today, on 25th of May, Cryptoname has been announced.

What is Cryptoname?
Cryptoname is a service that allows users to pick an OpenAlias address they would like to use and attach their Monero or BTC address to it. Users can register aliases on specified domains:,,, DNSSec (Domain Name System Security Extensioins suite) is […]

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Monero. Technological Superiority

There’s been lots of questions about Monero since it’s very beginning. Most of them, still upcoming, have to do with comparison between Monero and Bitcoin. So, what’s so special about Monero, that makes it better than the first and the most popular cryptocurrency?

The list below uncovers Monero’s superior advantages one by one, briefly:

Monero uses a […]

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Monero Technical Analysis

“TRADERMAN”, a cryptocurrency writer for and Founder of Razor’s Forex Trading Blog, has recently prepared another Techincal Analysis for Monero.
In my last technical analysis Monero article, I pointed out that if the the market was to approach the 0.0024 price pivot zone again – that this particular area may act as strong resistance. On May […]

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Monero presentation

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Monero meetup at Mozilla offices

Wonderful news!
Great Monero meetup will take place on 21st of May, located in Mozilla offices.
Mozilla and Monero share several goals; Mozilla is going to take back the web, while Monero is about to conquer the world of finance.
The aim of the meeting is to discuss privacy in technology on the whole and cryptocurrencies in particular. […]

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