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Monero. Technological Superiority

There’s been lots of questions about Monero since it’s very beginning. Most of them, still upcoming, have to do with comparison between Monero and Bitcoin. So, what’s so special about Monero, that makes it better than the first and the most popular cryptocurrency?

The list below uncovers Monero’s superior advantages one by one, briefly:

Monero uses a […]

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Meet Monero Glossary

Lately we have created a glossary section (long-awaited “Monero learning” on the main page), so as to provide Monero users with all established terms of the Monero cryptocurrency realm. The section will be useful not only to newcomers but advanced users as well, since some Monero terms differ from the usual Bitcoin-related terminology, thus may […]

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MoneroX client

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New website

We’ve built a brand new website and are very happy to present it to you! This new version inherits all of the needed data from the old website and provides much more, including responsiveness, comments, quick access to downloads and so on. All of the old news are available following this linkĀ .

Our team has recreated […]

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