is one of the earliest websites about Monero cryptocurrency. It was created by a group of enthusiasts in order to spread all needed information about Monero and provide necessary basic data like downloads (nodes, daemons, wallets, blokchains) and useful services (exchanges, mining pools, blockchain providers).

The mission of is to unite like-minded people around Monero digital currency by providing properly useful data, fresh news and missives.
Being a completely non-profitable organiztaion, may gain profit by providing minor applications like widgets (which are about to be announced later) so as to support further development and popularization of Monero.

Why does do that?

The reason is that we strongly beleive in the future, where money, as an entity, is completely decentralized without being under control of any organization. This idea brings us to the ability of a new fully transparent economic paradigm, built on laws of demand and supply rather than political intentions, financial manipulations and personal interest of small priveleged groups. is assured that Monero is the only current digital entity in the world that can provide such promises according to its great technical architecture.

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All in all, the only thing you should know about Monero to get started successfully is that Monero cryptocurrency is 100% decentralized cryptocurrency, which means that it is not being under control of any foundation, government or any other kind of authority.

If you’d like to find out more about Monero’s known core developers and their future plans concerning research and development activities of Monero, you may visit this site.

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Source-code available on Github

Hot-news are availible on Twitter, using #xmr, #monero hastags.

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